Out of Office: live Q&A series
for remote HRs


👨‍🎓 Q&A discussion with HR 👩‍🎓:

"HR in unprecedented times", with

Sarah McQuade,

Director Human Resources, International,

PeopleDoc by Ultimate Software.


Every Tuesday for the next few weeks, PeopleDoc would like to invite you for a 45 minute catch up with our HR Director Sarah McQuade, to share her experience on how she is handling this precedented change in a multi-national organisation.

Our first topic of the series will be how to manage remote working.

Tuesday 31st March 4:00p.m. CET - (In English) 

Focus: Remote Work 💻

1️⃣ How to manage remote work when you're not fully prepared?

2️⃣ How to manage anxiety and support your employee's mental health?

3️⃣ Being a local subsidiary of an international group during a crisis. What communication processes? 

4️⃣ Follow up on local regulations, how can you keep yourself up-to-date?

⚠️There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

N.B.: For all intents and purposes, we remind you that PeopleDoc is not empowered to provide legal advice.

The PeopleDoc Team

Webinar - Replay